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Sports SA Vouchers Now Accepted

The ADKC now accept Sports SA Vouchers towards their Club Membership. This allows any student between 5 and 15 (inclusive) a $100 voucher. Please download the form below and return it to as well as joining the Family Membership with Voucher option on the ADKC website.

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What is the Sports Vouchers program?

The Sports Vouchers program is a Government of South Australia initiative administered by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. The program provides an opportunity for children from Reception to Year 9 to receive up to a $100 discount on sport, dance and learn to swim fees. The purpose is to increase the number of children playing organised sport or participating in dance or learn to swim activities by reducing cost as a barrier.

Who is eligible for the program?

All South Australian children in Reception to Year 9 are eligible from 1 January 2022. This means if a child is 5 (or becoming 5 in the calendar year) to 15 years old are eligible. Remember it is one voucher for each eligible child per calendar year.

How does the program work?

There are currently two methods of claiming a voucher. The method depends on the providers system.

You will need to download the voucher. Once completed, take the voucher to an approved provider to receive a discount on the fees when you register.Providers access the secure Voucher Portal to redeem vouchers and receive reimbursement.